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Kuwait Journal of Science (KJS) is indexed and abstracted by major publishing houses such as Chemical Abstract, Science Citation Index, Current contents, Mathematics Abstract, Micribiological Abstracts, SCOPUS etc.

A good research work always needs handy data bases. Looking for the good data basis takes time and good effort. Here we are making the websites for spectral data basis and others available to those who visit KJS website. We are sure that these data basis will be useful for students and faculty members alike. If you want to give us some website of database that is important in your filed, please contact us and we shall add your suggested website on our journal website. Enjoy using our website.

 NMR Databases

 Spectral Data Base for Organic Compounds

NMR Data Base Simulation of NMR Spectra

Euro-NMR Data Base

 General Database

 Chemical Spectra and Spectral Data: Web Sources

Application Reports

 FTIR Spectral database


Infrared Spectroscopy

Infra-Red Spectroscopy Menu

Infrared Spectroscopy

Introduction to IR Spectra

 Mass Spectral Databases

 Mass Spectrometry Data Base

NIST Chemistry Web-Book

Mass Spec Internet resources

Mass Spectrometry Data Center

NIST Mass Spec Library

Chemical Spectra and Data Bases:University of Texas

Exact Mass Calculator

Isotopic ratio and MS plot

NIST Mass Spec Library

Mass Bank

 Scientific Converters & Calculators

 Molarity Calculator

Mass Molarity Calculator

Dilution calculator

Chemistry Demonstrations

Convert % solution to mg/ml

Distance and length converter

Concentration-Solution converter

Table of Constants

Fundamental Physical Constants